Netzer Durban Camp Reunion!

Written By: Amy Groer (Rosh Durban)

On the 7th of February 2015 the Durban kids all got together to reminisce about Machaneh 2014 and to start 2015 with a BANG!

Before getting started a round or two of classic Netzer games were played. From the trustworthy BANG! to the ever famous NINJA! A Netzer event can’t start without these, a definite crowd pleaser and all the kids love it.

Surrounded by friends we all painted and decorated our very own Netzer mugs. The trustworthy Kendyll Jacobson made sure the Netzer symbol was on each mug and the rest was in the kids hands. Stories were told about camp and memories were shared. With some laughs and (thankfully) no broken mugs, we had very unique, colourful and special mugs that everyone was very proud of.  Kendyll also had a surprise for the Durban kids, Durban hoodies! The hoodies were a gift from Kendyll as her time as running the Durban part of Netzer had come to an end.

With memories shared and mugs painted the afternoon came to an end but fear not more exciting events are to follow

Rosh Durban

Amy Groer