About Us

Netzer South Africa is for the dreamers, the builders, the believers, the explorers, the philosophers, the nerds, the artists, the academics, and the idealists.

Netzer is for everyone.

Netzer is a family, a place to come home to, where you can be whoever you want to be. We believe in the ideals of Progressive Judaism, while striving for Reform Zionism and building sustainable communities of Progressive Jews across the globe.

Netzer South Africa has branches in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, where we engage Channichimot from Grade 1 – 12 in different programs and activities throughout the year.

Summer Machaneh

Summer Machaneh is our biggest and best event of the year.

Every year in December, Netzernicks from all over South Africa travel down to a campsite in Cape Town for the best 2 weeks of their life! Machaneh is a time away from parents where our Netzer chaverimot can explore and strengthen their Progressive Jewish identities in a fun, safe and educational environment. This is the time where we make new friends, discover who we are, draw up our plans to change the world, have a tonne of fun and most of all become part of the Netzer family.

Winter Machanot

For those in grade 8 and up, every year in the June/July holidays we travel to the warm winter in Durban for our leadership focused winter machaneh. This time is spent looking at the depths of our ideology and training our oldest age groups to be leaders in Netzer, on machaneh, in their communities and in their lives in all that they do. This is coupled with great adventures, fun programs, outings, bonding activities and so much more!

Mini Machanot

Mini Machanot are fun weekend long regional sleep away camps where new channichimot are able to make new friends and older channichimot get a chance to reconnect. Mini-machaneh really encapsulates the feel of machaneh with shabbat services, games and educational peulot. There are generally 2 mini-machanot a year in each region, usually these take place at the beginning of the 2nd and end of the 3rd quarter in the year.

Ongoing Programming

Netzer South Africa has branches in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, where we engage chaverimot from grade 1 and up in different activities throughout the year. Programming is fluid and happens all year round. These activities can range from running Shabbat or Havdalah services, hosting movie nights to celebrating chaggim with youth activities in the various communities, going on outings around town, running day camps in the school holidays or running outreach projects and volunteering. Contact your Regional Rosh to find out what is happening in your city!