Machaneh Metaken Olam
16 – 28 December

Tipot Camp* (Grade 1-3): 16-18 December
Full Camp (Grade 4 – 11): 16th – 23rd December
Keshet Seminar (Grade 10+) (Optional): 24th – 28th December

*Travel from Cape Town Only

Join us this December for an absolutely jam packed experience of fun, and adventure surrounded by all of your closest friends in the capable hands of our Netzer leaders.

Fill in the Summer Machaneh 2022 Application Form to secure your spot.

You’ll also need to download and sign the indemnity form and submit it along with your application.


The base cost for the Tipot Camp is R1000, and for the full camp is R5500. There is an additional cost for transport – more details can be found in the form.

Please note that subsidies are available if needed – please email for assistance.

For any assistance or any questions, please do not hesitate to email us:
Rosh Machaneh (Head of Camp)
Jason Bourne •

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