The History of Netzer South Africa

Netzer South africa has a long histoy as the Youth Movement of the Progressive Jewish Movement in South Africa. Starting in the 1960’s and still going strong today, Netzer has been a pillar of the community for over 60 years. Once a Netzernick, always a Netzernick. Nilmad v’Na Aseh!

Maganim was founded by the Reform Synagogues

First Shnattie
South Africans taking part in the Shnat program, their name was Libby Tobias.

1977 – 1979
Founding of Kibbutz Yahel
A Garin was formed for Aliya to Israel (Garin Arava), its members where part of the founders of Kibbutz Yahel, the first Progressive Jewish Kibbutz in Israel.

October 1978 – August 1981 
First Shaliach
The first Shaliach was Moshe Alexandroni. He and his wife Bunny were here from October 1978 until August 1981. When they first arrived, adults were all the leadership of the movement. Moshe’s first accomplishment was to have new leadership – all from within the movement – young leaders who would eventually lead the movement.

Campsite Moved
Campsite Moved to Elgin in the Western Cape.

Right Turn
Military Style uniform implemented (blue buttoned shirts with lapels, black white and red menorah badge ) and a very patriotic anthem. Netzer Maginim on the ‘Right’ side of the spectrum. For the next decade after the founding of Kibbutz Yahel, many of the shlichim were from Kibbutzim and Netzer SA swung to the back to the “left”.

Founding of Netzer Olami

Maginim attends the founding Conference of Netzer Olami in Jerusalem, represented by Daniel Landsberger. Maginim changes its name to Netzer Maginim.

Acquiring a new campsite
SAZF lobbied by Netzer SA and funding allocated in order to purchase a campsite in Pringle Bay. 

Ideology Formulated
Netzer’s Ideology Formulated in Australia”As a result several intensive national seminars where held and an ideological platform was developed with a clear agenda that included hagshama (Aliya) and Tikun Olam.” – Daniel Landsberger 

December 2015
Campsite Moved
Summer Machanot now take place on the Back 2 Basics Adventure Campsite in Grabouw, Western Cape

December 2019
First NBB Formed
The Netzer Bogrim Board, or NBB, was first elected at the end of 2019. Concept was introduced by Hannah Taylor, Temple Israel Cape Towns Youth and Music Fellow of the time who was from America.