Camp Reunion – Netzer Gauteng Style!

Sunday was a busy day for Netzer Gauteng! With record number of Channichim at our Camp Reunion and Kick-Off Party, Netzer Gauteng is sure to make a huge splash this year.

Our Keshet Madrichim, debuted their talents by running a great peulah – a journey through mini camp!

Starting off with clues to different parts of Beit Emanuel Synagogue, the channies had to find their way through the maze of kef activities to the bonfire. We were split into Colour Wars teams, Red Vs. Blue of course, played an intense game of Machanayim, only this one had a bit of a twist. Balloon Machanaim! We had to test our brain power with the hardest Machaneh word search you’ve ever tried to do, and put our bodily strength to the test with an obstacle course. To finish off an amazing afternoon, jam packed wit games and the camp atmosphere, we ha a talent show before heading to the bonfire for an amazing picnic to share with our friends.

We cant wait until Machaneh 2015!