Israel Tour:

Israel Tour: Israel Tour is Netzer South Africas 10 day trip to Israel, where we explore the holy land, find our spirituality and learn a whole lot more than we would from textbooks. Israel Tour is a wonderful opportunity for young people to experience a new place in an environment where they feel comfortable being …

Shnat Netzer:

Shnat Netzer: Shnat Netzer is a 10 month gap year program in Israel for Post Matric Netzernicks. It is an ideal program for anyone wishing to experience Israel from a Progressive perspective. Shnatties get the opportunity to experience everything Israel has to offer. Below is some more detailed information about the structure of the program.

Winter Camp:

Winter Camp: Alternating between the dry highveld of Gauteng and the humid climates of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Netzer South Africa hosts an amazing Winter Machaneh in the June/July holidays.

Summer Camp:

Summer Camp: Netzer South Africa Summer Machaneh is our biggest and best event. Every year, Netzernicks from all over Southern Africa travel down to Glencairn, Cape Town for the best 2 weeks of their lives. The Camp site is situated right near the beach, only 10 minutes away – if you listen really carefully at …