Cape Town Camp Reunion

Written By: Michaela Symons (Keshet)

Camp is a highlight of every channies year. You make new friendships, strengthen current ones and reconnect with older ones. There’s food, games, the beach, pool time and so much more. However all too soon the two weeks are up and it’s all over. School begins and you start to lose touch with your camp friends. Then something truly spectacular happens, camp reunion! It is the chance to catch up with camp friends, play some good old classic Netzer games, eat… a lot and generally have heaps of fun. It’s a slice of camp life in a couple of hours.

On Sunday the 15th of February, we held our camp reunion. All the new maddies were beyond excited for the event to start and before long people started arriving. The screams, laughs and hugs were such a beautiful site to witness, as catch up with friends took place. While everyone was munching on the various snacks laid out, we showed a brilliant camp video with some of the highlights from Summer Camp. There were smiles all around as the pictures reminded us all of the amazing time we spent together in the holidays. After that the Cape Town Netzer madrichim were introduced and then the fun and games began.

Games like ‘Kung Fu Ninja’, ‘Zombie’ and ‘Sitting on Chair’ were played with much enthusiasm and spirit. In the last hour we had pool time, where a couple of courageous Netzerniks braved the cold water. The others sat outside and enjoyed freshly made popcorn while listening to music, chatting and taking an abnormal amount of selfies. Before we knew it, it was home time; however all felt a sense of excitement for what Netzer would be planning for the year ahead.

What I loved most about reunion was seeing how the Netzerniks immediately connected, respected and socialised with the new people who joined us for the day. It is a rare thing to see children and teenagers of our modern age being so accepting of those who are new. It is not something I see often in day-to-day experiences, which is quite worrying. It is comforting to know, though, that those who are a part of Netzer have been instilled with these traits; that Netzer has made a positive impact on the youth of today.


Nilmad V’na’aseh

Michaela Symons