Netzer Gauteng Mitzvah Day

Written By: Kathryn Henning (Rosh Gauteng)

On Sunday, we hosted the first ever Mitzvah Day in collaboration with both Bet Daivd and Beit Emanuel Synagogues, at the West Park Cemetery.

Equipped with hats, water, some buckets and sponges, we first had a bit of a walk around the area. We had a quick stop at the Fallen Soldiers Memorial, remembering those who served. We then went inside the Ohel, where we met the President of the Chevra Kadisha, who welcomed us and thanked us. After a few more informative tidbits from our Rabonim, we were on our way up to the Wall of Remembrance.

At the top of the hill, where the wall is situated, we met Simon Hothschild, who welcomed us and gave us a short talk about the importance of the wall and why it exists.

Then on to the fun part – The Netzer Surprise! We had a really cool activity where we learnt all about Mitzvot, where they come from, why we do them and about Tikkun Olam. We all shared about how we do Tikkun Olam in our lives every day and why we need to do ‘Big Tikkun’ for the next generations.

After we had our sweets from the peulah and a water break, we all grabbed our bucketsand sponges and set to work, making sure the plaques and the surrounding areas were all nice and clean. We picked up fallen stones and a few brave souls got rid of the cobwebs that had started to form.

After a day of hard work and learning, we had one last moment where we lit a candle to remember the people and the families who had lost loved ones.

It was a pretty strange experience, and a pretty unique one at that. It’s pretty amazing that everyone came to support such a great Mitzvah and that everyone had a good time doing something for the community.


A massive Thank You to everyone who came to support and take part, Bet David, Beit Emanuel, Parents, Management Members and especially to the amazing Madrichim and Channichim of Netzer Gauteng!

Nilmad v’na’Aseh!

We will learn and we will do!