Shavuot Sleepover

Shavuot Sleepover – 10 May 2013

Shavuot is a time for learning!

But before we could learn we had a Ma’amad, and celerated the shabbat with some fast talking (Well as fast as one could with a mouth full of ice cream..) We also ate delicious Pizza and watched a Movie and hung out with our friends because Netzer wouldn’t be Netzer without all of your Friends.

In the olden days, the Rabbi an his students used to sneak into caves and hide under the guise of hunting to learn and study the teachings of the Torah. While on our Shavuot Sleepover there wasn’t much Cave hiding or Hunting we did learn a whole lot about ancient Myths and Legends surrounding the Jewish people. Instead, we walked like the wandering Jews in the desert, and learn about different kinds of Jews, not necessarily sects, but more like North African Jews. We learnt about the differences between Reform Jewish Kashrut and the Orthodox Kashrut and of course how it all relates to us here in the 21st century.

Not to mention all those crazy Ancient Alien Theorists who claim the Jews had a “Manna Machine” that fed them throughout the 40 Years. I mean… whats up with that? Just ask your closest shemeshnick!

The next sleepover will hopefully be under the stars, learning all about the Sukkah and what we did for those 40 years in the desert…