New Netzer Madrichim shine!

On the 5th of March, our fantastic new leaders of the Reform Community underwent a well planned leadership and training seminar. Our aims were to educate and facilitate the fundamentals of running a youth movement, being socially aware and active, being a figure in the Reform community and being a role model and educator to the youth
that is there to follow them. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic and there was a general ‘GET UP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE’ attitude as the seminar came to an end.

Below, Lily and Rosa Manoim explain their experiences on the Hadsem course.

We walked in as Channichim, learners, full of life, confused, in awe of the Maddies’ coolness, and walked out as Madrichim, educators, leaders, whose first priority will be looking after our kids. A big responsibility has been placed on our shoulders by the all the past Maddies around us, who had spent almost a year in Israel. They had also all started out as Channies, just like us.

Hadracha seminar means leadership seminar; Madrichim training, learning how to become better youth leaders and polishing up on our techniques. That doesn’t sound like your idea of an ideal weekend? Well if not, that’s probably because you have never been to a Netzer event.

The line-up for the weekend in early March included; leading the Shabbat service at Beit Emanuel in Johannesburg, games, Tikkun-Olam projects,  and a whole lot of ice cream and cake (for educational purposes of course).  We also got serious. All the basics a youth leader needs to know, was squeezed into one weekend.  Plus, of course, fun, excitement, and action packed courses, all to a point of a contented exhaustion.

The secrets of Madrichim were finally revealed; from the art of ‘maddie magic’, to the realisation of how much dedication had been the force behind their drive and passion. So how did such a big change come about? By learning of course. We had debates on indoctrination vs. education, stimulating discussions on the very relevant torah portion, where Moses, leader of our ancestors, dropped the Commandments, thus giving us a biblical view into the role of leaders.

Yet these invigorating discussions weren’t the only items on the menu. We did team bonding and unpacked ideas on the Netzer ideology and how to plan successful programs. That really proved to us, that being a successful madrich was more than just being older and having a title. For example, when a past Maddie and Netzer bogeret (Casey Wolfson) came to run a program on worst case scenarios, dealing with things such as smoking, drugs and, bullying. But as they say, what doesn’t intimidate you and throw you off can only make your bond stronger.

After an intense day of learning and noshing, being inspired and tired, bonding and just being a part of Netzer, we had a break where we all went off to watch the latest release of Alice in Wonderland at Monte Casino.

Our Social Action outing was to the Princess Alice Adoption Home, where we got to help out with the many incredibly adorable babies, feeding them, playing with them and putting them to sleep. Although some didn’t take to the idea of babies (and their various outputs and inputs), we all felt honoured to have spent time with such wonderful kids and helped out in any way we could.

After Sikkum, we all went home feeling exhilarated, educated, and incredibly, impossibly exhausted. But it was worth it.  

–Lily and Rosa Manoim.

A thank you must go to all donations that were made to allow this great educational experience to happen and lastly to Jackie Maris, Mor Rubenstein, Jarred Durbach and Gareth Hall for running the seminar.