Netzer’s Shabbaton Shorashim: a successful discovery of our roots

Three weeks after an incredible Hadracha Seminar, Gauteng’s talented Madrichim, leaders, put their skills into practice at Netzer’s Shabbaton Shorashim. The theme of the sleepover, Shorashim, meaning roots, provided channichim and madrichim with a diverse educational theme to discover.

The Shabbaton began with Netzer Madrichim leading the service at Beit Emmanuel. The service was thoroughly enjoyed by all. As the weekend progressed, the amount of ruach and kef grew rapidly. The 18 channichim who attended the event were treated to a fun-filled, educational weekend, the Netzer way. Activities included peulot about Jewish/South African identity, a Parshat Hashavuah about sacrifices and peulot about Pesach. Channichim learnt more about their own identity and the meaning of Pesach in their lives.

There were many fun games, delicious meals and unbreakable bonds shared by all. The huge success of Shabbaton Shorashim serves as a positive indication of the exciting year ahead that Netzer has planned. As madrichim, we aim to educate and inspire our channichim. The truth is that we are educated and inspired by the incredible channichim who attend this movement.

Netzer is not just a place where children come to learn. It is a place where we are inspired to harness our Judaism. It is a place where we are inspired by our leaders to become leaders. It is a place where friendships are made.

Netzer is a home away from home… The perfect place for your children to be.