Netzer News February/March 2011

Much has been going on in Netzer since our summer camp. Lauren Kessler and Jarred Durbach attended Netzer Veida, the international conference in progressive Judaism’s headquarters – Bet Shmuel in Jerusalem – where Netzer leaders from our 13 different countries got together to share knowledge and discuss the future of Netzer as a world movement. We also welcomed Brazil as the newest snif (branch) of out movement.

In other international news, Gareth Hall has just returned from the USA, where he attended The World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) and NFTY (North American Netzer) convention. He was an excellent ambassador for our humble movement and has engraved our movements name as a player in world Jewry.

Bringing it back to the tip of Africa, Netzer members from Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg attended the Israel Advocacy Seminar, participants discussed important current issues and how to handle pressing questions in society.

We are currently planning our leadership seminars, HADSEM, across the country where our young madrachim will learn the tricks of the trade and other useful skills.

We are also registering our delegates for the National Zionist Youth Conference and the Zionist Conference, where we hope to have some meaningful debates with our fellow youth movements and discuss some of the big issues in the Zionist South Africa of today – Sign up now! (082 339 0246)