Netzer Movie Night

Netzer Movie Night  – 8 June 2013

The night was chilly and a bit windy but Netzer Gauteng was determined to curl up with some deliciously warm popcorn and watch a fantastic movie. For the adults, we showed The Chosen, a heart warming tale of two boys in New York in 1944 who are struggling with their Judaism and finding their path as friends. The audience left the Movie Night with a warm tingle in their belly, at the heart warming tale, and a tear in their eye.

The kids movie was The Amazing Adventures of TinTin. Up in the Youth Lounge there was silence. Not the usual for a Netzer Event, but with their eyes hungrily devouring the adventures and action of TinTin an odd silence had befallen the crowd… that is until the pop corn ran out…

We hope to have another Movie Night soon, so if you’re reading this and feel a little left out then you can join us next time!

movie poster