Mazkirut Seminar June 2013 – Durban, South Africa

The Mazkirut, Netzer South Africas’ National Management body met in Durban over the June and July holidays to discuss many important things.

We have officially decided on this years camp name, theme and Hanhallah – Camp Committee.

Over the four days we had many discussions about upcoming plans and events for Netzer South Africa as well as defining our roles for the upcoming months. We are really excited to start this process towards making Netzer’s Summer Machaneh amazing and


It wasn’t al work though!

special for all our Channichim (Participants).

We also spent sometime giving back to the Durban community. For our Tikkun Day, we joined forces with. We spent the morning sharing games and ideals about the vision we all have as the Youth of South Africa and how we can actively make it a better, free country for all those who live here. It was a really great day for everyone. We were welcomed with open arms into Durbans’ Congregation, and lead the service for Shabbat on Friday night. It was so lovely to be there, and be able to share in the Shabbat Magic with them.

We ran peulot and Ma’amadim for each other, learning about our Ideology and engaging with it, so that we can teach the channichim and so that we are all constantly learning, growing and developing through our unique and informal teaching methods.

All in all it was a very productive week!

Many thanks go out to the Jacobson family and the Durban community for hosting us, and being so welcoming! !