Machaneh is happening again!

Netzer’s Machaneh Ligdol Nobunye will be in Glen Cairn again, back at our site, our home and our happy place.

Ligdol Nobunye, Unity in Growth. Having had such an inspiring year of change and growth we chose not to veer away from this but rather to continue the growing.

The story behind our name stems from some of the 5 pillars of Netzer SA; South Africa, Youth, Progressive Judaism, Reform Zionism and Tikkun Olam. The name is made up of two words: Ligdol, a Hebrew word meaning to grow. Nobunye, a Xhosa word for unity. It has come out of our exciting and complex identity and thinking about what it means to be young Jewish South Africans.

Youth, one of our pillars- is all about growing. This is the time of our lives to grow. But what does it mean to grow? And how do we grow uniquely, as well as together?

One of the many incredible features of youth, is that we know that there is still much we don’t know, and we know that we are still growing. This is exciting and something to be celebrated! This machaneh we will be exploring the ideas of changing the way we see things, in order to grow; grappling with what needs to change and how much change is necessary; learning that growth is an important and fantastic part of life. On camp, we’re all about finding the unity in comm‘unity’. We will learn team work, and how to stand up for yourself and one another, and how to stand together. Every South African knows the values of ‘Ubuntu’, just as every Jew knows that there is something special about community.

With 35 years of Netzer in the bag, there are no doubts that some things have changed, that is how our movement has lasted this long. Netzer, just like the literal meaning of the word – new shoot – started out as a new little shoot and has grown into a flourishing tree of education, family and youth.

If you have any questions or queries regarding camp please contact us on:
082 855 5199

We look forward to seeing all the familiar faces and meeting all the new ones

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