Our amazing, beloved Jes has officially left for Shnat! She’ll spend the next year living, learning and growing with her Shnat group in Israel. So much to do and explore, and we’re all so proud of her! We threw her a little going away party in as many cities as possible on her way to Israel!


Here are a few updates so far:

The Shnatties spent a week on Klita Seminar, getting orientated as the Southern Group before meeting the Norther Group on a Shabbat Beyachad, and what better way to get acquainted with your new home and your new friends than the best segway tour in Jerusalem!

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Etgar has since started with the classic Get To Know You Tiyul up Massada – beautiful views and beautiful smiling shnattie faces!


To find out more about Shnat follow this link or email Ma’or Margo on shnat@netzer.org.za