Hadracha Seminar

Hadracha (Leadership) Seminar – 3 March 2013

The eager Keshetnicks arrived on Friday afternoon excited at the prospect of learning all about being a Maddie at Netzer. You could see the glow in their eyes as they absorbed all the brand new information, eagerly jotting down tips and tricks in their note books. Together we lead the first Ma’amad of the year, a succession of songs and good vibes filled the room and before long we were all down in the Hall, celebrating the Rabbis Birthday and eating all the cake.

As the night continued, we were in fits of laughter and fun from Shabbat Oneg.

Tired eyes looked up at us, peering through the sleepy crust and feeling highly unwilling to get out of the comfort of their nice warm beds that had been so hard to get them to stay in the night before. We were up and off to et David for a morning of Peulot leading and some on the spot Hadracha putting-into-actioning. The Young Maddies did surprisingly well and all the religion School Channichim had a great time learning about Pesacha nd how to Survive it.

The weekend continued with a bunch more peulot where we learned all about how to Talk, Walk and act like a Maddie. We ended it all off with a Havdalah service and a bit of Sleudah and stressball making.


All in all a wonderfully successful HadSem! We hope to have another one soon, to learn more and write some fantastic peulot!