Netzer Gauteng – Hadsem

Netzer’s Hadsem was a weekend spent at Beit Emanual where the Gauteng madrichim got to explore the various styles of leadership, as well as identify with which leadership style suited each person. It was a weekend full of laughs, coffee breaks and complaining about the cold, but when we all had our coffee we were all prepared to focus on how to be the best madrichim we could personally be and ensure that all the channichim that attend any Netzer event would have an unforgettable experience!

Each day we had around 3-4 activities where we wrote our own activities for specific age groups, learned how to deal with certain scenarios, identified our own leadership styles, haggled on religious and cultural points of view and ideology as well as bond as a community.

Personally, the weekend was amazing and I had a great time. Hadsem taught me things that are not only useful for me as a madricha, but for my normal day to day life.

On our last day of Hadsem we all went to Soweto for an outreach program at Kliptown Youth Project, which is a project that creates facilities for all the young children in the community to go to on a daily basis after school and have facilities available for them to help them with their homework, give the children food as well as deal with their life issues. When we got there we were taken around the township and were shown their lifestyle; which was quite a shock for all of us. We then spent the afternoon with the kids drawing pictures, making cards, learning Maths or English and reading books. It was such an eye opening experience! To see our small contribution make their community so happy was fantastic; they were all so open and accepting of us. Netzer plan to make frequent visits to the Kliptown Youth Project in the future and get quite involved with them, which I can’t wait for!

The Netzer community is one filled with fun times, a lot of love for each other and one that I look forward to sharing many amazing memories with.

-Melissa Brower 18 (Nelspruit)