Netzer’s March Spotlight

Shalom Chaverimot!

Over the month of March, Josh, Neo and other representatives from Netzer have partnered with shuls from the across the country to launch Netzer programming. The launch was a resounding success and we hope it will provide a strong and positive foundation for future endeavours alongside partnering shuls. Following on from the launch there will be peulot run on the pillars of Netzer as well as some fun events of course.

Keep your eyes on our socials for more details and to stay informed.

We also hope you’re keeping well and we’re sending you strength and wishes around what’s happening at the moment. For more information about future events, please visit our social media: @Netzer_sa on Instagram and Netzer South Africa on Facebook.

We will learn and we will do!
Nilmad V' na' aseh!
!נלמד ונעשה