Netzer’s June Spotlight!

Shalom Chaverimot!

This month, we’re Spotlighting a Winter Machaneh memory. Here’s one from our Rosh Cape Town, Ghaim Atash.

As a current Netzer madrich, one of the key moments that led me to decide to take a role in Netzer was my time at Winter Machaneh. Allow me to take you back in time to when I was a young Netzer channich on my first Winter Machaneh. I remember my few days before, feeling nervous about going on my first flight and being away from home in a strange environment. But then, fast forward to my time there. I’m with my friends, engaging with Netzer ideology, constitution and peulot. I’m comfortable again. I wasn’t sure why I was even worried. And, this comes with the beauty of being at Netzer. The people around you have so much to offer, whether they’re channichimot or madrichimot. I found myself becoming even closer with my friends and truly cementing our friendship as a now growing family.

Ghaim Atash

We have some exciting things coming up, including our Cape Town Winter Day Camps and Winter Machaneh Nilmad V’Na’aseh in July! You can sign up for our Cape Town Winter Day Camps here and you sign up for Winter Machaneh Nilmad V’Na’aseh here.

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