Netzer’s April Spotlight!

This month, we’re Spotlighting traditions from different generations of Netzer Bogrimot.

Shalom Chaverimot!

We’ve asked three Netzer Bogrimot and a current Netzernik to tell us about their favourite traditions in Netzer South Africa. Here’s what everyone excitingly had to say:

Eric Beswick (in Netzer from 1988 – 1996)

For Ma’amad in the mornings, we would always have a book which would be read chapter by chapter each day (‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’ and ‘Diary of Adrian Mole’ were two examples). We also had Netzeria, which is similar to Colour Wars but with many teams.

Jacqui Benson-Mabombo (in Netzer from 1989 – 2002)

The tradition that made Machaneh so special was Mifkad Eish on the last night. It’s the fire writing on the field, the thank you’s and acknowledgements of all the special people. It’s a beautiful reflection of the whole Machaneh experience.

Maia Zway (in Netzer from 2006 – 2010)

My favourite tradition was Netzer havdallah. The whole of machaneh joining arms and singing havdallah blessings felt so powerful. Then, going round the circle and wishing everyone shavuah tov made every person feel special.

Hannah Norton (current Netzer Keshetnik)

One of my favourite traditions from Netzer would have to be Siyum Yom. After a long day of camp and separating into our different shichvot, we all come together and gather around in the chederochel to sing and pray. It’s so meaningful and beautiful.

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