Winter Machaneh

2020 Winter Machaneh Hagshama

For the first time since the creation of Netzer South Africa we will be hosting Winter Machaneh online!

The machaneh will take place over Zoom where we will run 2 virtual peulot a day.

When: 26 June – 2 July. Schedule can be found below

Where: Online

Ages: Grade 1 – 11

How to sign up: Simply fill in the google form below or click here top open it in a new tab.

Cost: There will be no charge for 2020 Winter Machaneh. Instead  we ask that you rather donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.

All donations will go toward the cost of hosting an online seminar (Zoom) and future subsidies for Netzer channichimot (campers)

Thank you in advance.

Nilmad V’na’aseh! We will learn and we will do!

EFT banking details: Netzer South Africa Nedbank Current Account Account number:1913448649 Branch: Cresta Branch Code: 191305 Receipt: childssurnameWM20 Copy of Winter Machaneh 2020 Schedule (4) Logo with writing white

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Winter Machaneh




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