November 23, 2016

What to bring

Summer Camp Essentials

Do not bring new or formal clothing to camp unless they are for Shabbos. Netzer South Africa is ozone-friendly and requests where applicable your equipment is as well. Make sure that all items are clearly marked with the camper’s name. If you are flying remember not to exceed the 20kg weight limit. We recommend that a heavy-duty suitcase be used as it will have to withstand heavy wear and tear. Hats are to be worn at all times


15 shoulder covering T-shirts

10 pairs of socks

8 pairs of shorts

3 pairs of jeans/long trousers

2 sweatshirts/jerseys

1 raincoat

1 sunhat (compulsory)

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of takkies for hikes and sport (compulsory)

1 kippah/yarmulkah

1 set of old clothes

1 set of old blue clothes

1 set of old red clothes

2 sets of warm pyjamas

1 t-shirt to swim in

1 swimming costume

2 sets of shabbos clothes



1 water bottle (compulsory)

Sunblock ( compulsory)

2 towels (swimming and showering)

50 paper plates


Pens and notebook

Washing powder and pegs


Sleep equipment:

1 pillow

1 bedsheet sheet

Sleeping bag




Musical instruments


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