February 9, 2015

Summer Camp

Machaneh is two amazing weeks spent outside of Cape Town where channichim from Cape Town, Gauteng, and Durban come  learn about Progressive Judaism, Reform Zionism, Youth Empowerment, and Tikkun Olam. Each camp has its own theme intended to help channichim develop their Jewish identities and continue their learning. At camp we focus on our pillars and learn how we can continue to work towards our values in our movement and beyond.

At machaneh, the channichim are split into 4 age groups, each with their own awesome madrichim, there to make camp as exciting, challenging and interesting as possible.
Within these groups is where you will make some of the closest friends imaginable and will share memories and experiences unlike anything before.

The days on camp are filled with loads of fun and educational activities as well as sessions where our channichim are able to learn a new skill whether it be in music, art, or something completely different.

Some big days on camp include Tikkun Olam Day, Reform Zionism Day, Progressive Judaism Day, and Youth Empowerment Day. Each of these days mirrors Netzer South Africa’s pillars and allows our channichim to explore these topics. Other highlights of camp include Tiyul day, a hike around our campsite, and Colour Wars, a day of battle between the red team and the blue team.

If you can’t find us at the campsite it is most probably because we have walked down to the dam to cool off from what is sure to be one hot camp. Of course what would be the point of hosting Machaneh in Cape Town if we didn’t throw in a few visits to the beach every few days so don’t forget your towel and sunscreen.

When everything starts drawing to a close don’t worry as you will be able to party the last night of camp away at our annual Last Night Disco and you will forget any notion of sadness you had about camp ending.

Netzer South Africa Machaneh is definitely the best way to spend the December Holidays. Fun, sunshine and the best friends you could ever ask for. We look forward to having every chanich/a on our campsite enjoying, learning, growing and turning their beliefs into reality.

Check back here again soon to learn more about machaneh 2020.  Contact Jason to find out more: director@netzer.org.za or visit our website www.netzer.org.za or on Facebook – Netzer South Africa

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Camp Breakdown