April 21, 2017

Make a Donation

What can you do to help?

Netzer is a non-profit organisation and therefore we rely on our donations and volunteers. Netzer will use all the money donated throughout the year on both our summer and winter camp as well as any other event we have during the year. The money will go towards transport, events, food, renting out our lovely camp areas and facilities, shnat funding as well as investing for future Netzer generations.

Please make all donations via EFT:

Netzer South Africa
Nedbank Current Account
Account number: 1913448649
Branch: Cresta
Branch Code: 191305

You help goes beyond money… We are always in need of couches, chairs, tables, desks and carpets for our offices and youth zones. All Old, reliable and working furniture will be gladly accepted and appreciated. Becoming a part of the Netzer Family. Donating to Netzer already makes you a part of our family and you or your company will be listed as our partner on our website.

Thank you so much for your contribution to Netzer South Africa.

Nilmad V’na’aseh! We will learn and we will do!