February 9, 2015

About Us

Netzer South Africa is for the dreamers, the believers, the explorers, the philosophers, the nerds, the artisits and everyone in between. Netzer is for everyone. Netzer is a family, a place to come home to, where you can be whoever you want to be. We believe in the ideals of Progressive Judaism, while striving for Reform Zionism and building sustainable communities of Progressive Jews across the globe.

Netzer South Africa has branches in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, where we engage Channichim from Grade 1 – 12 in different activities throughout the year.

Netzer Durban is our smallest sniff in South Africa, but it has a core group of dedicated members who are making it happen! Durban hosts events throughout the year with the Progressive Community, such as; shabbattons, regular activities, fun days, the Zionist Caravan and all Chaggim.

Netzer Cape Town hosts an array of events throughout the year, from Shabbat Magic Ma’amadim (Creative Services), Mini Machanot, Shabbatons (Sleepovers), Community Events and their Annual Variety Show and Amazing Auction, to our fabulously fun Summer Camp in Grabouw.

Netzer Gauteng spans two cities, Johannesburg and Pretoria, running regular activities, like Shabbatons, Chaggim, Hadracha Seminars, Tikkun Days, Movie Nights and many more. We have an amazingly dedicated group of channichim who love attending our events.

Netzer South Africa has a comprehensive Ideology, Education and Tikkun Olam outline which can be found here.