Month: January 2015

The magic of a Netzer Shabbat

Written By: Michaela Symons (Keshet) Voices in perfect harmony, seated in a close-knit circle, melodic sounds of several guitars, an inspirational quote on every seat and songs that create shivers down your spine; this could only be a Netzer Shabbat Service. A Netzer Shabbat is a magical thing. The...

Netzer Machaneh Ligdol Nobunye 2014

Written By: Staci Goldblatt (Keshet) I can honestly say that Netzer Ligdol Nobunye Machane was the most incredible camp I have ever been on. Wonderful memories were made as well as great friendships too. If I could summarise Netzer in three words they would definitely be -‘One Giant Family.’...

The Rosh Mach Report Back!

Netzer Machaneh Ligdol Nobunye 2014 Written By: Kendyll Jacobson (Rosh Machaneh 2014) Netzer SA celebrated 35 years of fun, family and learning. After months and months of preparation and counting down, Netzer’s summer machaneh of 2014 finally arrived. All our channichim made their way down to Glen Cairn, Cape...