Month: March 2011

Netzer News February/March 2011

Much has been going on in Netzer since our summer camp. Lauren Kessler and Jarred Durbach attended Netzer Veida, the international conference in progressive Judaism’s headquarters – Bet Shmuel in Jerusalem – where Netzer leaders from our 13 different countries got together to share knowledge and discuss the future...

So what is Progressive Zionism. Part 2

To follow on from last month’s article; the Progressive movement begins to align itself with the sentiment of Jews needing a homeland, and furthermore, that homeland being Israel....

So what is progressive Zionism? Part 1

As one of Netzer’s five ideological pillars, Progressive Zionism is by far the most confusing and conflictual, whether you are a leader in Netzer or just an inquiring mind. When the head of the Israel centre in South Africa, asked the question; ‘So what is Progressive Zionism?...