Frequently Asked Questions

November 23, 2016

Can I submit my form after the cut off date?

When forms are not handed in on time we cannot correctly work out quantities for Machaneh. This can lead to shortages in food and anything else the campers receive from us (such as t-shirts). We want to plan ahead for your child for their health, security and well-being.

By getting your form in early, you help to improve the quality of Machaneh. We have an early bird discount to encourage you to send your forms in early. The cut-off date for application forms this year is Monday, 13 November. There are many locations to hand in your form to make it more convenient for you. We appeal to you as responsible parents to hand in forms on time.


I can’t afford Machaneh; are there any subsidies?

Netzer has never turned away a camper because of financial difficulty, thanks to the donations to our assist-a-camper appeal. This year, we hope it will be no exception. Those requesting help from the community need to request a subsidy form from the Netzer office ( and have it returned to us by 27th October. These forms will be handled with complete confidentiality. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a subsidy, but we will try our best. We are indebted to the families or individuals who are able to assist by donating towards our assist-a-camper appeal.


I can’t stay for the whole camp; can you change my flight dates?

In the past we have had problems with channichim who wish to change their flights which have already been booked for them by Netzer South Africa. We have decided that we will not be responsible for any flight changes. If you wish to change a flight, we will give you all the details and you will be responsible for changing the flight and paying any costs incurred with the changing. We will also be charging a R200 admin for any participant who will arrive late or leave early from camp. This is due to special logistical costs. If you wish to make any special arrangements regarding flights before we book them please contact us in writing at

*Please note that any special flight requirements must be requested by 20th October.