Camp Leadership

September 5, 2013

The Hanhallah – Camp leadership

Kendyll Jacobson

If there is anyone who knows the ins and outs of Netzer South Africa best, it is Kendyll. She is practically the mother of Netzer. Since becoming a channie in 2006 she has always been a familiar and warm face in Netzer, who many have looked up to for guidance and comfort. This has built up her top-class leadership skills which saw her running Machaneh from 2013 until 2015; giving her three years of leadership experience and making her the ideal person to be Rosh Machaneh in 2017. We are all excited to be on this journey with her. P.S Don’t be scared of her booming voice, she is actually a big softy at heart.

Thandi Nhlapo – CO-SGAN ROSH MACHANEH (Co-Deputy)
Thandi is seriously the bees knees! Having been a channie, then a maddie and now on the Hanhallah, she knows just what it is that makes everyone happy! Always level-headed, Thandi is our go to girl for some calming words or advise or a good cup of tea. It helps that she is also our finance lady. We look forward to having Thandi a part of our team as we know that she will make sure our money is wisely spent, that our channies tummies are always full and that everyone is having a blast! P.S We are serious about the tea she makes; it is closest thing to perfect!

Ayanda Lawrence – Co-Sgan Rosh Machaneh (Co-Deputy)
When Ayanda joined Netzer, she was this little thing, filled with energy and a love for life. If you ever needed to find her, you would just have to look in the direction of where the most ruach and laughs were coming from, she’d be in the centre of it. Not much has changed since then… In 2016, Ayanda was the South African participant for Shnat Netzer – our gap year program in Israel. Not only was this the best thing for her but also for the movement as her return meant she was ready to make Netzer SA, educationally, the best it has ever been. Over the past year, Ayanda has been our Rosh Chinuch (Head of education). P.S You can be guaranteed she will lose her voice within the first week of camp, so don’t be startled by that.