SAZF Conference and Expo

Written by: Kendyll Jacobson (Mazkira) Netzer SA’s Mazkirut spent the past weekend in Johannesburg. Shabbat was spent at the Sandton Shul with all the youth movements who form the Zionist Youth Council. We were treated to wonderful guest speakers as well as afforded the opportunity to form new friendships with our peers What’s more is[…]

Cape Town Camp Reunion

Written By: Michaela Symons (Keshet) Camp is a highlight of every channies year. You make new friendships, strengthen current ones and reconnect with older ones. There’s food, games, the beach, pool time and so much more. However all too soon the two weeks are up and it’s all over. School begins and you start to[…]

The Mazkirut of 2015

The Mazkirut of 2015 The Mazkirut body is made up of volunteers who are high school graduates that have grown up in the movement. Each person has a unique talent to bring to the team, whether it is through their official role, friendships and unconditional support of each other or their integral part in running our amazing events.[…]

Netzer Veida 2015

Written By: Kendyll Jacobson (Netzer South Africa) In South Africa, we learn from a young age about diversity and unity, about how human beings are all different, about how unity makes a larger impact on situations and that we need to be united fronts for whatever we choose to be a part of. These concepts[…]


Netzer South Africa strongly condemns the statements released and actions taken by the Student Representative Council (SRC) of the Durban University of Technology (DUT) initially demanding Jewish students to deregister as well as furthering the situation by adding all Zionists and students who believe that the state of Israel’s existence should too deregister. These actions[…]