Limmud JHB – Netzer Represents

Written by: Kathryn Henning (Rosh Netzer Gauteng)

Last weekend, July 30th to August 2nd, Netzernicks took over at Limmud JHB. After a short road trip we arrived at the conference ready and willing to get stuck in to the conference, from workshops to early morning volunteering, the endless food tables and of course, to get down and dirty with the kids at Young Limmud and on Teen Track.

The buzz around the Indaba Hotel was tenable, hundreds of Jews from all different backgrounds, gathered together to celebrate the biggest Limmud Shabbat the world has ever seen. The Netzer table, complete with young Netzernicks just starting on their Journey with Hadracha, to current Mazkirut members and a surprise visit for 3 generations of Netzer Bogrim. You have never seen such enthusiastic benching at a Shabbat dinner (except for Machaneh) We really got into it.

Limmud JHB always out does themselves with catering, and not just for your hungry bellies. The Talks and Workshops were interesting, inspiring and entertaining. There was never a session that you didn’t want to go to anything, rather that there were too many to chose from. The magnificent speakers really inspired us to think in a new way and encouraged thought and questioning over new topics that sparked discussions with strangers who would become new friends.

Teen Track Limmud was a new addition to this years Limmud program and will hopefully grow even more over the next few years at Limmud. The teenagers were encouraged to attend interesting talks in the main program as well as specific sessions catered directly for them. Delegates from the King David Schools took part in  a heated debate over the Refugees in Israel, and a Panel of Non Stereotypical Jewish Youth in the Community allowed teenagers to see what kind of people make up the diverse Jewish Community of Johannesburg. It allowed them to engage and ask questions in a way that was different from a school environment and better suited for their journey as Youth in the Community and the future leaders of South african Jewry. Thanks to Mr. Gerassy and everyone involved in making Teen Track as a mazing as it was, here’s to more Limmudim with a Youth Centred program!

We didn’t forget about the little kids though! Young Limmud was as lively as ever with T-shirt Painting, Jungle Gym Adventures, Messy fun and more than you can imagine, being the best Young Limmud in the history of Limmud JHB. What a fantastic way to spend a weekend! Big ups to the lovely ladies that we’re running Young Limmud, Bryony, Samantha, Tamara, Jody and everyone else who came to have fun with the Young Limmud Team. We look forward to working with you guys next year.

As for our amazing Netzer team that Volunteered, had fun and made the weekend one to remember, Thandi, Josh, Tori, Nina, and Norris, you guys are cool.