Netzer Responds to Betar – ZYC Debate Question

At the 2015 Zionist youth Council Debate, each Youth Movement asked each other a question, because who better to question other Youth Movements, than the Youth Movements themselves? Betar asked Netzer:

“What do we do to fight against BDS and the anti-Israel lobby?”

Our Answer:

Politically, nothing.
Practically, lots.

Here’s why. Netzer is non-political , meaning we do not align with any one party. Yes the Progressive Movement aligns with Arzenu but this is one place where we differ or branch off from them. We support and understand educations perplexity and therefore strive for informed decision making among all our channichim. Through the channel of informal education, our madrichim encourage discussions and debates where the channichim are able to make their own choice of theories/decisions. We do not follow, as previously mentioned, the idea of blindly believing in Israel but rather educate about all the land and people have to offer – a warts and all type of view.

This approach may seem contradictory on terms of our theory and practice are two different things but in it not. Our political ‘nothing’ results in actively ‘something’ because of our approach to education. Practically we promote Israel tours, run Zionist activities, attend functions in support of Israel, have Shlichim that participate during IAW at the SAUJS peace tent, send chaverim on the Shnat Netzer program to Israel. Our education is pro-Israel within the definition of Reform Zionism. It is obviously not fair of us to have a practice of being non-political and to then do political actions but this in no means restricts our love and support of Israel, we just do this in the reform way.