Mazkirut Seminar in Durban

Written By: Kendyll Jacobson (Mazkirah, National Director)
Netzer’s management team, the Mazkirut, met in Durban over the long weekend in May. With eager minds and the main goal of a successful camp in mind, we all sat around the table at the DPJC library ready to get down to business.
Each day had a theme which covered the various topics and tasks at hand. Friday was Mazkirut Day where we reviewed the Mazkirut system and fixed any problems, praised all the hard work that has been done and established ways to make the rest of the year the best one yet. Saturday after shul, was Camp Day where we brainstormed ways to improve Machaneh this year, set up our leadership structure and made the important decisions of dates, hanhallah (camp executive), name and theme. Finally Sunday was allocated to Winter Camp and Moving Forward Day.
All in all we now have our Winter Camp systems in place, our Summer camp dates, themes, leadership and roles in place and the motivation to make this year the best year of Netzer events yet!
Besides all the work, we also managed to sneak in some bonding time and beach time which rounded off our weekend. We ran the Shabbat service on Saturday morning for the congregation which allowed us to showcase what we do at Netzer and got everyone singing, humming or tapping along to our upbeat tunes.
Netzer’s motto is Nilmad V’na’Aseh, We Will Learn and We Will Do; this weekend we did! The future of Netzer is shining bright, so stay tuned for more exciting adventures.