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Shnat Netzer is a 10 month gap year program in Israel for Post Matric Netzernicks. It is an ideal program for anyone wishing to experience Israel from a Progressive perspective. Shnatties get the opportunity to experience everything Israel has to offer. Below is some more detailed information about the structure of the program.


Alternating between the dry highveld of Gauteng and the humid climates of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Netzer South Africa hosts an amazing Winter Machaneh in the June/July holidays.

summer machaneh

Netzer South Africa Summer Machaneh is our biggest and best event. Every year, Netzernicks from all over Southern Africa travel down to Glencairn, Cape Town for the best 2 weeks of their lives. The Camp site is situated right near the beach, only 10 minutes away – if you listen really carefully at night, you can hear the waves crashing on the shore.

regular activties

Netzer South Africa has branches in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, where we engage Channichim from Grade 1 – 12 in different activities throughout the year.

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Mazkirut 2016

Meet our dedicated Mazkirut of 2016
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kendyll jacobson

Mazkirah – National Director
Kendyll is super fun, absolutely hilarious. Having previously been based in Durban, Kendyll has now moved up to Johannesburg to join the Joburg Team as well as to work for Bet David as a youth worker –
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daniel norris

Gizbar – Financial Director
Daniel takes on the role of treasurer once again. When he isn’t watching or playing soccer, Norris can be found learning Russian or engaging in a political talk.
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Jessica Jantjies

Cape Town Executive Team, Shnat Co-ordinator, Rosh Chinuch and Co-Rosh Tikkun
Jessica will be heading up the Cape town region, coordinating the Shnat Program and getting all our amazing Netzernicks involved in Social Justice and Tikkun Olam., while balancing her amazing drumming and excitement while making Netzer Cape Town better and better.
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emily johns

Cape Town Executive Team
Emily is one of Netzer’s newest members, having only joined us last year but this means that she is full of enthusiasm and excitment. Being born and bred in Cape Town, Emily is our go-to guy!
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Maxene Lyons

Co-Rosh Tikkun and Cape Town Executive Team
Maxene provides Netzer with a keen attitude and a willingness to teach and learn. Taking on the role of Co-Rosh Tikkun means that Max will be working hard at ensuring that Netzer SA maintains our great level of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) through various social action projects.

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