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About Us

Netzer South Africa is for the dreamers, the believers, the explorers, the philosophers, the nerds, the artisits and everyone in between. Netzer is for everyone. Netzer is a family, a place to come home to, where you can be whoever you want to be. We believe in the ideals of Progressive Judaism, while striving for Reform Zionism and building sustainable communities of Progressive Jews across the globe.*

Netzer South Africa has branches in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, where we engage Channichim from Grade 1 - 12 in different activities throughout the year.

Netzer Durban is our smallest sniff in South Africa, but it has a core group of dedicated members who are making it happen! Durban hosts events throughout the year with the Progressive Community, such as; shabbattons, regular activities, fun days, the Zionist Caravan and all Chaggim. For more info please contact Amy Groer on durban@netzer.org.za.

Netzer Cape Town hosts an array of events throughout the year, from Shabbat Magic Ma'amadim (Creative Services), Mini Machanot, Shabbatons (Sleepovers), Community Events and their Annual Variety Show and Amazing Auction, to our fabulously fun Summer Camp in Glencarin. For more info contact Kalia Barkai at capetown@netzer.org.za.

Netzer Gauteng spans two cities, Johannesburg and Pretoria, running regular activities, like Shabbatons, Chaggim, Hadracha Seminars, Tikkun Days, Movie Nights and many more. We have an amazingly dedicated group of channichim who love attending our events. For more info contact Kathryn Henning at jhb@netzer.org.za.

*Netzer South Africa has a comprehensive Ideology, Education and Tikkun Olam outline which can be found here.

For more information, or if you want to contact us: (tel.) 082 855 5199 (email) director@netzer.org.za

Mazkirut 2015

The Mazkirut of 2015

The Mazkirut body is made up of volunteers who are high school graduates that have grown up in the movement. Each person has a unique talent to bring to the team, whether it is through their official role, friendships and unconditional support of each other or their integral part in running our amazing events.

Each year we meet for our annual Mazkirut Seminar, where we plan for Summer Machaneh, catch up, bond and discuss Ideological Policies and Practices in our mid-year Kinnus.

This year our Mazkirut team is full of inspiration and fresh enthusiasm! Viva the Mazkirut of 2015! Amandla! Awetu!

Yakov Zinger

Shalaich Cape Town

yzinger@gmail.com // 082 339 0081

Yakov is our Shaliach for 2015 and will be working with the Cape Town community. He is here for an entire year imparting his knowledge of youth movements and helping Netzer along the way. He was a Madrich for the Israelie branch of Netzer Olami before his army service. Yakov is a fun loving guy, but don’t get us wrong, he’s hard working and passionate about what he does. he might look scary on the outside, but, he’s a softy deep down.

Ma’or Margo

Shnat Co-ordinator


Ma’or is well on his way to being superman. He has realised his life long dream to help people by becoming a paramedic, fire fighter, police officer, and that’s just the beginning of it all. Ma’or is an amazing asset to our Mazkirut, and endeavors to make Shnat Netzer the go to Gap Year program. Ma’or came to Netzer when he was a little lightie and never left. He has grown both taller and as a human being, making friends that he’ll cherish forever #bromance.

Kathryn Henning

Rosh Gauteng & Marketing


Kathryn is going into her 3rd year of being on the Mazkirut, and her 2nd year of being Rosh Gauteng. Kathryn is currently studying a BA in Design and Marketing in Johannesburg, and putting that knowledge to good use with Netzer. In her free time, of which there isn’t much, Kathryn enjoys watching movies, playing music and being one of those cool kids hanging out in Braamfontein. We know that Kathryn has what it takes to make 2015 great, with experience as Rosh Chinuch and Shnat Co-ordinator, as well as being a Shnat Graduate of 2012.

Daniel Norris

National Gizbar – Finance


Daniel Norris is a crazy character. He’s into politics, social action, loves animals and wont say no to a good time. This year, Norris is another fresh face to the Mazkirut, and we know he’ll bring all his enthusiasm and business talk to the table. Norris is starting his studies at Wits, where he’ll be Studying General BA in International Relations, Sociology, Linguistics, and isiZulu. On Machaneh, Norris lead the Sheleg age group (Grades 6-7) where he was always clowning around and having a good time with the channies.

Marc Nathanson

Rosh Chinuch – Education and Tikkun Olam


Marc Nathanson is an all round nice guy. You could never find a nicer guy any where! That’s why we’re so glad that he’s going to be an integral part of this years Mazkirut. Marc is currently finishing off his degree at UJ in Johannesburg. When he’s not working hard, he’s with his family and friends, on the sports field, or mucking about with his best bro, Ma’or. This year, Marc and Amy will make sure that Netzer reaches its full potential through an all encompassing kefucational plan.

Kalia Barkai

Rosh Cape Town


Kalia Barkai is another fresh face on the block when it comes to being on the Mazkirut. She was a Geshem Maddie on Machaneh and made an explosive impact on all of her adorable channies. This year, she is taking on the role of Rosh Cape Town, working with the community, doing social action and making sure that Netzer Cape Town is overflowing with Netzer Magic. Kalia is studying at UCT this year, but we know she’ll still make time for Netzer.

Amy Groer

Rosh Durban & Co-Rosh Chinuch


Amy is dedicated and commited to Netzer. She has loads of strong opinions and isn’t afraid to tell you what shes thinking. This is Amy’s first year on the Mazkirut, having been a madricha in the Durban sniff over the last few years. This year on Machaneh she took on the challenge of being Rosh Geshem (Grades 4 +5) and blew us all away with her creative thinking and amazing spirit. We know that she will make Netzer Durban the best sniff in the whole of South Africa. This year, Amy is Co-Roshing Chinuch and Tikkun Olam with  Marc Nathanson.

Kendyll Jacobson

Mazkira – National Director

082 855 5199 // director@netzer.org.za

Rumor has it that ‘Ken-dawg’ invented beach time and camp ruach… this wouldn’t surprise us as Kendyll has driven the Netzer-mobile from her first camp at age 11. She has spent the last year conquering the feat of being out youngest but most energetic Mazkirah (National Chairperson) of Netzer SA, and we’re lucky enough to have her do it again! She has mad skills, having previously heading up the Durban snif for two years. She will lead the way through the awesome Netzer  journey, being the go to girl for all our needs, while juggling the fun, ruach and Netzer spirit. She loves penguins and being cool and will never be caught without her trusted flip-flops. Kendyll, who truly embodies the #MLIN (My Life Is Netzer) motto, is not just the coolest kind of girl to have as a Rosh but also can get things done better than Mr Muscle – with Kendyll in the lead you know you are in good hands.


What We Do

Israel Tour:

Israel Tour is Netzer South Africas 10 day trip to Israel, where we explore the holy land, find our spirituality and learn a whole lot more than we would from textbooks. Israel Tour is a wonderful opportunity for young people to experience a new place in an environment where they feel comfortable being themselves. Netzer provides a safe space to talk, ask questions and motivate the exploration of complex situations through education and informed decision making. (more…)

Shnat Netzer:

Shnat Netzer is a 10 month gap year program in Israel for Post Matric Netzernicks. It is an ideal program for anyone wishing to experience Israel from a Progressive perspective. Shnatties get the opportunity to experience everything Israel has to offer. Below is some more detailed information about the structure of the program.


Winter Camp:

Alternating between the dry highveld of Gauteng and the humid climates of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Netzer South Africa hosts an amazing Winter Machaneh in the June/July holidays.


Summer Camp:

Netzer South Africa Summer Machaneh is our biggest and best event. Every year, Netzernicks from all over Southern Africa travel down to Glencairn, Cape Town for the best 2 weeks of their lives. The Camp site is situated right near the beach, only 10 minutes away – if you listen really carefully at night, you can hear the waves crashing on the shore. (more…)

Ideology & Education

The word “Netzer” is an acronym for “Noar Tzioni Reformi” – Reform Zionist Youth, with the aims of engaging and inspiring the youth of our community. We aspire to learn and do and change the world through Social Action; like Tikkun Olam. We believe in the 14 platforms of Netzer Olami and have added our own 5 Pillars specifically for Netzer South Africa: Progressive Judaism, Reform Zionism, South Africa,Youth and Tikkun Olam.

Netzer aims to instill a sense of hope in the Youth of today by giving them a voice, and thus provides an image of growth, development and fulfillment. These attributes are what we aim to impart on our members, so that they can grow into the young Jewish leaders of the next generation.

Through all aspects of education, chanichim are encouraged to question and evaluate the information presented to them. Netzer’s educational program is designed towards a comprehensive knowledge of Judaism, Jewish History, Israel’s history, culture, and Zionism. Our approach to Progressive Judaism encourages the use of Jewish sources, in order to make informed decisions concerning our Jewish practice and identity.

Tikkun Olam, a key value that stems from our Jewish practice, encompasses the Jewish value of repairing your world in every way possible. We teach this not just through study, but through active participation in social action and environmental projects. This includes Tikkun Atzmi (repairing yourself), and Netzer includes wider education for personal and social development in our activities.

The concept of Tikkun Olam is a broad one, meaning different things to different people. At Netzer, we equate it to Social Action, but are currently working on a definition that includes a spiritual aspect, so that what we do is deepened by a spiritual understanding.

One of the main Tikkun goals for Netzer South Africa is to promote awareness of privilege (and diversity), as well as to increase our involvement in creating change in our own and other communities. We feel strongly that we gain just as much from the people we work with and the work we do, as they gain from us, and that a continued relationship, rather than a once-off visit, makes a sustainable, long-term difference in the lives of everyone involved.

Netzer has begun to be more actively involved in making a difference, and we would like to see this continuing to flourish. Through Tikkun Olam, we hope to develop Netzerniks who are involved in outreach because they want to be, who see the importance of this work, who understand the needs of others and who accept the responsibility that comes with being a privileged, educated young person in our country.

For more information on the Educational and Tikkun Olam orientated aspects of Netzer South Africa, please contact Marc Nathanson on chinuch@netzer.org.za.


Camp Sign Up

Tipot Mini-Mach Camp Forms

Tipot Mini-Mach Camp Forms

Download the Tipot Camp Forms to secure your place on our Tipot Mini Mach. All the information is attached.

Tipot Mini Mach* will be from 15 – 17 December at the Glen Cairn Rotary Campsite in Cape Town, for channichim in Grade 1 – 3.. *Mini Mach is for Western Cape only, because of Transport, but if you are from out of town and will be in Cape Town over the course of the Camp, you are more than welcome to send your kids on camp.

The Machaneh Hanhallah of Netzer South Africa 2015 reserves the right to accept or reject any

Transport details:

Cape Town Drop Off: 15 December – Wynberg Temple Israel

Cape Town Pick Up: 17 December – Wynberg Temple Israel (Parent will be notified of the exact time by the Hanhalla of Machaneh Chaulutzim.

Machaneh Chalutzim – Camp Sign Up 2015

Machaneh Chalutzim – Camp Sign Up 2015

Click the link to download Camp Forms – Machaneh Chalutzim 2015

The forms will open in a new window from where they can be saved as a PDF for printing, filling out and returning via email or in person to your nearest Netzer Sniff.


Financial Information

Financial Information

All the Financial Information for our upcoming Machanot. Please check back soon for the updated information for Winter and Summer Camp 2015. Netzer South Africa is a non-profit youth organization and therefore relies on the community for support, if you wish to donate to our camps please click here.




Frequently Asked Questions about our Machanot. Please take a look but if any of your questions are still unanswered, we’ll be more than happy to help you.